Our Mission

Cherishing your dearest moments forever through our innovative, collaborative, and versatile approach to still and motion photography, with the highest quality possible, is our everyday business .
 self portrait

My name is Jihan Dassouki, I am an interior designer and painter with an ultimate passion in photography. As I believe, it can eternalize our joyful moments. This passion led me to study two years of photography at Algonquin College to refine my raw talent. I enjoy all kinds of photography, but Portrait and Food photography are where I combine my talent, experience and education.

My photography is characterized by innovation and attention for minute details, which is an attribute of my experience and educational background as an Interior architect. I seek perfection in every aspect and strive that each client feels their uniqueness and beauty. I utilize colors in a unique way to make everybody and everything stand out in my photos. As for food photography, I believe in love from the first “photo”, and I work hard so that the consumer falls in love with the food before even tasting it!

Situated in Ottawa, and aided by the latest photography equipment, I believe that patience and two way communication is the most important factor for the success of a photo and satisfaction of the client. I do take all the time to discuss, manage and agree, then it is just a matter of “a click”.